Vikas Bhalla opens up about his short film Pravaah-The Flow!


There are some projects that click instantly and for actor Vikas Bhalla, it was this short film Pravaah-The Flow, written, produced and  directed by Simmer Bhatia. He says Simmer was very receptive to his suggestions as well.

“Simmer, one of my friends, approached me for the part and I liked what she narrated. It was a feel-good travel film showcasing the positive effects of travel. And I liked my part too, a ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’ kind of character, living in the mountains. Someone who has found his peace and life’s true calling there. I then suggested to Simmer to have a song along with my scene, the kind of song which showcases the ideology of the character, and she thankfully agreed to my suggestion. I immediately called up my songwriter friend Dhruv who understood the creative to the T and graciously agreed to come on board and hence was born “O Baaware” the theme song of the film, which is one of my favourite songs that I have sung,” he says. 

Ask him if he relates to the character, and he says, “I completely relate to it, and that’s one of my reasons to take it up. Life is eventually not about your physical possessions, but the memories you make along the way. That’s what makes a life well lived. Being true to your self and finding your calling is very very important if you want to have a happy life. Do not live your life to please others or according to how others expect you to, that is the biggest mistake we make. The earlier you find yourself the better will be your quality of life. After all, one life, live it right!”

Talking about his love for travelling, he says, “Travelling is the single biggest education one can take in and is an absolute must for every individual wanting to learn, find his true calling.”

Meanwhile, he loved working with Simmer Bhatia. “Simmer is a talented director who has clarity in her approach and execution. On set, she makes her artists feel extremely comfortable, which is the key to extract their best work. She’s been a friend for a long time and I was pleasantly surprised with her directorial abilities. I wish her even more success in all her future endeavours.”

Any interesting incidents from the shoot? Kasol where we shot my scene is stunning & a must visit for all the travel enthusiasts out there. It was beautiful, magical & weather wise cold in the middle of the night during our shoot, however we had a super time shooting the song & scene.

Short films are increasingly popular, and the content has evolved significantly, with a wide variety being made. What are your thoughts on this trend?

Yes, that's true. Is a great time to showcase your talent as a filmmaker, actor, or any other talent you possess, with the increase in platforms. Short films do have their own audiences who prefer a short duration story & do not wish to be committed to watching a long format show or movie. Is definitely a great medium for the talent concerned.  Vikas Bhalla is a well known film actor who is known for his good body of work and dashing looks.

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