Better use of social media, Rajasthan in top three


– People are rapidly connecting with CMO Rajasthan in the country

– Beating many states, will soon become number one

Jaipur. For better use of social media in Rajasthan, the schemes of the government are being taken to the people. Be it the Rajasthan government or the CMO’s account on social media platform X, there has been a significant increase in followers here in the last few years. The reality is that Rajasthan is among the top three states on X in the country. If the growth remains the same, then in the coming years Rajasthan can also become the topper in the country in terms of social media.

Followers are increasing rapidly

First of all, let’s talk about CMO Rajasthan. CMO is among the top three in the country on X. On April 1, 2020, the number of followers on X handle was 392 k (thousand). At the same time, this number has increased to 2.5 million year after year. This increase is around 505 percent. If this growth continues year after year, then in the coming few years Rajasthan will get ahead of other states and become number one.

We are ahead of many states

In the last few years, the social media accounts of Rajasthan government have made good progress in terms of followers. Apart from this, CMO Rajasthan is far ahead of the ex-accounts of CMOs of other states. It is ahead of many states like Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Delhi, Kerala, Jharkhand, Bihar, Tamil Nadu.

This is how the number of followers has increased

Account- 1 April 2020 – June 2024 – % increase

GOR- 3,24 k – 2.2M – 521%
CMO- 3,91k- 2.5M- 505%

CMO Rajasthan is ahead of these states

Uttar Pradesh- 57,28,027
Maharashtra- 39,52,105
Rajasthan- 25,70,361
Madhya Pradesh- 20,72,898
Haryana- 12,54,432
Chhattisgarh- 6,22,299
Gujarat- 12,48,575
Delhi- 9,94,462
Himachal – 1,44,094
Bihar – 4,40,098

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