62 Screenplays to be nominated from 14 countries in JIFF 2022


Jaipur :-14th Jaipur International Film Festival is going to take place from 7th to 11 January 2022 in hybrid mode and you would be super delighted to know that SCREENPLAY COMPETITION is going to be a huge attraction at the festival. 

Scripts of 62 screenplays from 14 countries including India are nominated for the contest. The screenplay is the most significant step in cinema making and through this competition; we would be able to provide some wonderful film scripts to be made as films.

JIFF Founder HANU ROJ states. The scripts would be long from 6 to 125 pages, through which several beautiful and great films could be made in the future. The Film Festival would be organized at INOX GT Central, Jaipur.

Screenplays from such countries are received

It is worthwhile to know that scripts are received from India, America, Hungry, Switzerland, Iraq, Britain, Australia, Canada, Afghanistan, Iran, China, and other countries.

13 SCREENPLAYS by 11 Filmmakers of INDIA are nominated

Out of received 62 screenplays, 13 screenplays by 11 Indian Filmmakers are nominated; JIFF Spokesperson Rajendra Boda tells. Most of the screenplays are penned down in English, keeping the international marketing requirements in the notice. In the row, Bhagwan Sri Krishn Ka Angvastra and Ek Choti Bachhi Ki Suraksha are written by Dr. Govardhan Ajulu and R. Satya Narayan; while another beautiful script Mundar Ek Veerangna is written by Chandan Singh from India.

Would be awarded in the Festival

All the scripts would be read and the BEST SCRIPTS would be selected by the International Jury of JIFF and the winners would be declared during the Award Ceremony.

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