Awarded Films would be selected before the advent of the 14th JIFF FESTIVAL itself

 JIFF would be the First Film Festival to declare awards before screening

28 members of 14 countries are selecting films after watching them online

As awards are being declared; Audiences would get the option to watch the BEST FILMS

The third and Last list for the Festival is released on Tuesday

Day by day screening schedule of the Festival is released as well

Jaipur- 21.12.21 : -  14th Jaipur International Film Festival would be absolutely special, as the selected films to be awarded would be declared already; asserted Film Festival founder Hanu Roj and JIFF spokesperson Rajendra Boda, while releasing the third and last list of selected 39 films from 8 countries. It was told that Jaipur International Film Festival would be such first film festival; where awards are going to be declared before the screening. It would benefit the film enthusiasts as they would get the options to watch the best films and would be able to entertain themselves by watching their favorite cinematic pieces. Selected films to be awarded would be declared at the end of this month. The film screening schedule of the Festival [day by day] is also released today.

Awards to be given on the occasion of Inauguration

It’s going to be the first time; where an Award Ceremony would be organized on the inauguration day of the Film Festival itself. Award Ceremony would be taking place at 4:30 PM on 7th January at Maharana Pratap Auditorium. After that; awarded | non-awarded films would be screened from 8th to 11th January, from 10 AM to 10 PM at INOX G Central.

 279 films from 52 countries would be screened in hybrid mode

Including third and last list - 279 films from 52 countries would be screened in hybrid mode this time; Hanu Roj tells. The third list includes 39 films from eight countries ~ which include 24 films from India | 3 from Rajasthan |15 films from foreign countries.

Schedule of online FILMS screening

On 8th January - 70 Films from 26 countries | on 9th January - 68 Films from 24 countries | on 10th January - 66 Films from 21 countries | on 11th January - 69 Films from 22 countries would be screened online. Online scheduled films would stay LIVE for the next 24 hours; which can be watched on the official website of JIFF

Awarded films would be screened at INOX

Film screening would be continued from 10 AM to 10 PM at INOX ~ GT Central, Jaipur. Out of 108 films, 90 films are being awarded this time. On 8th January - 31 films from 10 countries | on 9th January - 23 films from 13 countries | on 10th January - 32 films from 15 countries | on 11th January 22 films from 8 countries would be screened.

Filmmakers of approximately 70 percent of the films would attend the Festival with their team members.


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