Taking the Concept of Formal Schooling to the Online Portal


Delhi, India
Learning has been relocated to a virtual classroom due to the pandemic resulting in a trend of extended learning, which has morphed into virtual learning with the help of new products swiftly entering the market. As a result of this new-age learning, lessons are more engaging and dynamic. Customisation and personalisation on a real-time basis for students and teachers will be the most significant themes in the upcoming education business.

The Class of One' was founded on the principle of preparing children for the future through online classes. The goal is to introduce and establish new trends in the delivery of smart online education. The pandemic has ushered in a new era marked by themes such as experiential learning, tailored tools for children with specific needs, and learning that emphasises skill development and enhancement.

TCO1 is unique in that it is an online-only school founded to transform traditional learning frameworks and transform into a school of the future so that we may be the perfect partner for your child's educational path. The school provides a high-quality Oxford Advantage curriculum with cutting-edge digital content and a wide range of extracurricular activities and fitness programmes.

Children's learning routes can be tailored using e-learning technologies based on their abilities. Personalised learning entails using technology to allow students more control over their education. Children have control over the time, location, path, and pace of their education. Children are generally curious about technology and are more interested in acquiring tech skills through gadgets while using 'Smart device-based learning'. Advanced learning technologies enable them to study more effectively and track their progress in real-time by measuring their learning outcomes.

Teachers are using video and audio files in their lectures to help students understand what they are learning. The concepts and teachings become embedded in students' minds in this manner, and they can retain all of the notions instinctively and learn more effectively. According to the results of the experiment, 88.77 per cent of participants said that having fun while studying online was important for their well-being, motivation, and performance. As a result of these statistics, it is apparent that online learning and schooling are far more engaging and intuitive for children than traditional offline education.

To understand the future, one must first understand and agree with the past; otherwise, we will continue to make the same mistakes and lose sight of the ever-present wheel of education and growth. Many academics believe that having an integrated learning method centred on online learning is the solution in today's society. People today have a huge urge to study online, which the recent issue of COVID-19 has only emboldened.

 The world's fastest changes are driven by online learning. There was already a strong level of growth and acceptability in educational technology before the COVID-19; it is anticipated that the overall online education industry will reach $350 billion by 2025. Students profit more from online education than they do from traditional schools.

The most remarkable trend identified was that pedagogical approaches were altered and made more flexible and diverse since teachers could offer classes outside their typical classroom and reach out to people from other parts of the world. A dramatic shift is envisaged in the delivery of primary education since children will now be immediately exposed to a mix of technological and verbal learning, requiring them to engage their cognitive talents at a much higher level than previously.

Also, many families were devastated both emotionally and financially due to this horrific pandemic. Many people have lost their employment, and many more have been laid off. Many families could not afford a pricey education during this time, and students were asked to discontinue their studies.

A generation of students faces a financial crisis, with many unable to pay to attend college. That means we must do all possible to provide a good, affordable education for our children. And, thankfully, online colleges and institutions offer this service. Low-income students have a distinct edge for online schools: they may acquire the education they need at a significantly lesser cost.

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