The Quarry Unveils the Exclusive Laas Authentico from Italy

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
The Quarry recently unveiled the Laas Authentico Collection that is currently on display at The Quarry Gallery in Mumbai. This marble is said to have formed over 400 million years, in the village of Laas, Italy.

The Quarry’s Chief Curator and Founder - Rupesh Shinde, personally travels to each quarry to handpick the best block of marble. Each slab of the whitest marble from Lasa is pre-cut and pre-polished by generations of Italian craftsmen on world-class machines. The collection comprises some of the most sought-after natural stones like the Laas Bianco Authentico, Laas Oro Authentico, Laas Eterno Authentico and Laas Superio Authentico, Laas Blu-Gretto Authentico and Laas Gretto Authentico.

 “We are delighted to get the exclusive Laas Authentico marble that comes from the quarries of Lasa in Italy. Unfortunately, these are still sold as the ‘white marble from Lasa’ in the market. That is simply unfair to the clients purchasing a fake or poor-quality slab, under the assumption of it being a pure Lasa,” - Rupesh Shinde

Every slab of marble from the Laas Authentico Collection is characterised by its startlingly pure white colour with stunning grey or gold veining, and its exceptional resistance to extreme weather, is traditionally found only in Lasa a.k.a Laas, a little village in the North of Italy. The quarries in Lasa have marble that’s been formed over 400 million years through intense heat, pressure and tectonic shifts. It is this slow, gradual process over literal centuries that lends The Quarry’s Laas Authentico marble collection its breath-taking aesthetics and resilience that cannot be replicated.

At The Quarry @thequarrygallery, each slab is cut to the world standard 20 mm thickness. A slab that is cut thinner is likely to get damaged in transit or installation or while it is being used. The Quarry Curators assist their clients to select the right application for the right marble.

The Laas Authentico marble collection can be used across a wide range of applications like wall cladding, flooring and bathroom counters with unique and luxurious finishes recommended and handcrafted by The Quarry Projects team. All you have to do is book an appointment and visit The Quarry Gallery in Mumbai. It is a temperature-controlled space spanning across 12,500 sq. ft. that displays marble, granite and rare onyx from 31 countries and 167 quarries from around the world.

The Quarry launched its Laas Authentico campaign online and on social media to engage and educate the Indian market about choosing the right luxury marble and steering clear of counterfeits, a common problem seen here.

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