Dudu Pradhan roared in the meeting of the Zilla Parishad Jaipur

 Jaipur : In the general assembly of the Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samiti Dudu Pradhan Ravi Chaudhary said about the electricity department that rained down on the issues of the farmers, that the time for crop feeding is going on, the electricity department is unable to provide transformers on time, the farmer has to travel.  It is in this severe cold that by not giving electricity during the day, electricity is being given at night.  

At the same time, taking a jibe at the private companies that insure the crops of the farmers, he said that all the private companies that insure the crop, they insure it, the installment is also deducted from the accounts of the farmers month to month, but when the crop is damaged.  

When it comes to giving grants, they mislead the farmers and give them the assurance of giving grants, all the private companies do their own thing and some farmers are also given grants, so much paperwork is done from them that some farmers  Disappointed and leave the hope, the Pradhan said that only the photocopy of the Aadhar card should be taken from the farmers who get the grant as per the rules and after getting the signature, the grant should be given on the basis of that, do not make the farmer travel much.

Fertilizer seeds are not available on time - Pradhan Ravi Choudhary raised the issue of manure seeds in the meeting and said that when the time comes for sowing the crop, the farmers are unable to get the seeds and when the farmers bring the seeds from the market and plow it and the time of manure comes So there is no fertilizer.

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