Dynamite officer and Former Ranji trophy cricketer, Asst Comm. of Mumbai Customs and GST, Deepak Pandit’s dynamic life, translates into a book.


Mumbai : From afar, the world of Mumbai Customs and it’s operations may not seem as interesting but delving deep into it, brings out some unbelievable stories. White Singham of the Mumbai customs department, as he is fondly known these days, Assistant Commissioner Deepak Pandit’s life is no less than a Bollywood movie, say authors Sheetal Bhan, a TedEx speaker and writer & Aamir Bengali, an upcoming Hindi film screenwriter. They have come together to initiate the process of writing a book on the stalwart’s life.

“Deepak Pandit has been a man who has had polarising effects on the people he has met in his life. He has been stubborn enough to be corrupted and this is what makes him truly righteous and worthy of reverence”, says Aamir Bengali.

When asked about the elements of entertainment and reality to expect in the book, Sheetal responded, “The most incredible thing about this book and Dippy Mama's life is the rich presence of intense Drama along with deep wisdom. Entertainment is a guarantee. But you know what they say about enlightenment, seek and ye shall find!”

Aamir added further by saying, “Do not read this book with any prejudice in your mind.

Make yourself a blank page and only then will you be able to entertain yourself through the life of a man who has lived it without planning any of the drama in it. Besides the Cricketing journey of Deepak sir, his close calls with the underworld and his thrilling stories with the customs and its departments, the book is sure to fascinate all. The love story is the cream on the cake.”

The authors said that they were so inspired with the life of the stalwart of the customs department, that they couldn't wait to begin penning it down. Their writing sessions often involved hours of plain discussions on their individual perspectives on Deepak Pandit.

The authors further added that they individually brought in such contrasting yet similar kind of anecdotes from their individual experiences that eventually it all shaped up into a box full of assorted chocolates of the same family. Sheetal further added that Deepak Pandit’s love story with Arushi Misra, the daughter of former Supreme court judge, Justice AP Misra is in itself a potential film script.

The book has been announced through a trailer which includes quotes in praise of Deepak Pandit by legendary Indian cricketers like Maninder Singh, Chetan Sharma, Praveen Amre and one of the senior most officials of the CBIC (Retd), a department under the Ministry of Finance.

“Deepak is a highly resourceful officer with proper knowledge of law and procedure. It is a pleasure to work with an officer like him”

- John Joseph
Special Secretary to Govt of India and Member (Retd) CBIC

“A great fighter who we called a swing master for his huge in swingers and an aggressive cricketer.”

- Chetan Sharma
(Chairman, Selection committee, Indian Cricket Team
and Former Indian Cricketer)

Deepak was a thinking bowler who troubled the best batsmen in domestic circuit with his swing bowling

- Maninder Singh
(Former Indian Cricketer)

The writers have also mentioned that they look forward to every session of writing for each session gives them a chance to discuss the entertaining episodes of Deepak Pandit’s life. The process of writing thereby becomes extremely adventurous for them.

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