A Sensational Personality, Entrepreneur, and Youngest Blogger from Jaipur, Rajasthan, Ronit Raj are creating a unique atmosphere in the digital world. Ronit is the Founder and CEO Of more than two portals including the well-known ‘The Cinema Blogs’ and ‘The Cine Buzz’, which is a Media and Entertainment company.

Ronit Raj has recently added his new and fresh portal named ‘HELLO CELEBS’ to the lists, which is aiming to take forward the struggles and real stories about Celebrities of all categories. Hello Celebs also considers itself to become the most popular in the category soon.

Today, Ronit Raj is a dynamic personality, a successful blogger, social media influencer, and more. Born and raised in the city of Dholpur, Rajasthan, he lives a life that is nothing short of an inspirational story for aspiring youngsters out there.
Ronit Raj has a craze for experimenting with various digital product ideas. His future plans are to work full-time in the entertainment industry as an actor himself.

What makes him unique is not just his age but also the fact that he is taking his studies as seriously as his ‘career’ as an artist and blogger. He is working towards achieving his dream. Ronit Raj advises, “Invest in yourself. Take risks. Learn from mistakes or at least, show regret working along with one who does.” 

Along with the blogging career, Ronit also has good moves as a Social Media Influencer. He has worked with many national and multi-national brands like - Set Wet India, Bella Vita Organic, The Phy Men, Veet Men India, Mojo Box, Carbamide Forte, My Fitness, Etc. Recently Ronit Raj has featured as Celebrity on India’s largest Celebrity Engagement and Meet N Greet Platforms named ‘Tring India’ and ‘Celewish Media’.

Ronit’s blogging site is considered to be one of the best platforms for all the Bollywood junkies!, reaching the mass, making him a well-renowned name in the blogging world also his Cinema, Fashion, and Lifestyle subjects are a treat for the blogger having the same forte.

When asked about the same Ronit quotes "Never compromise with your passion, you never know what it will bring up to you in future". For now, Ronit Raj is looking to become a millionaire and that is where he is headed, for sure.

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