Robir Kirone Sarbajit o Bondhura" - Redefines Friendship in the light of Tagore



Tagore Songs are the purest form of emotions that touches the core of music lovers' heart. Tagore Songs that are better known as Rabindra Sangeet has become an industry over the course of time. 
As a result of which fundamentalism prevails sometimes. The music industry has experienced various experimental work on Tagore Songs so far. Needless to say, the fundamentalists haven't warmly accepted such experiments blaming them of disgracing traditional approach. It takes a lot of courage to present Tagore Songs in morden arrangements. 
Singer, Writer and Producer Sarbajit Ghosh recently launched his new Album "Robir Kirone Sarbajit o Bondhura". Sarbajit sang two songs from the Album, amongst which "Adheko Ghumey" has already created a buzz on internet. The song is arranged in EDM beats, which can be considered highly experimental. 
The album released from Zee Music bangla. Other Songs are in voice of Dr. Madhumita Saha, Retired IPS ( Joint Comissioner of Police,WB) Mr. Sujay Kumar Chanda, and Educationist Mrs. Lakme Ghosh. The music video of the song sang by Lakme Ghosh features Star Actress Moubani Sorcar. 
The Music Launch took place at a Roop top Studio situated in South Kolkata. Siddharth Basu ,State head of Jio, Actress Moubani Sorcar, Mr. Sujay Kumar Chanda, Singer and Eminent Painter Soumita Saha graced the launch ceremony as Special guests. 
Moubani spoke about how the music video shoot took place during covid waves. Singer Soumita who is regarded as one of the youngest exponent of Rabindra Sangeet praised the experimental work saying " nobody decides what kind of arrangements are right and wrong for Tagore Music as long as someone is not tampering lyrics, tune and emotions of any song experiments with arrangements are praise worthy. 
Using jazz, EDM beats bridges the gap between traditional presentation of Tagore songs with Global approach". Sarbajit Ghosh felicitated all the guests. Painter Dipankar Samaddar was felicitated by Sarbajit Ghosh during the launch ceremony. 
Sarbajit introduced the behind the team Ranit Pradhan, Pramith Ganguly, Jyotipriyo Pal ,actor Mousam Sarkar and actresses Piyali Das,Kakoli Mondal, Mitali Bhattacharya and others to the crowd. Sarbajit thanked all of them, his guests and team See Music Bangla for the project. Wow momo was the food partner for the event.

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