An entrepreneur only knows how to build pillars from the roots or Vocational training for entrepreneurship skills is the need of the hour : Atul Malikram


A man of a belief, who constructed his pillars dig out the roots for surviving in the world of competition.The advent of entrepreneurship has changed the landscape of India’s economy quite magnanimously. 

Entrepreneurs lead the world with innovations, bureaucratic corporations, and incremental improvements. India has reached the stage of demographic transition wherein most of the population is in an economically active age group. In the sphere of entrepreneurship, the journey of an entrepreneur begins right from childhood where one can start originating an idea of creating something new. 

Therefore, it's highly essential to inculcate entrepreneurship goals in the students since childhood. The national policy planners consider school education a crucial part of a child’s life because it's the stage that acquires and learns a vital part of skill developments and competencies which enable them to choose their career and enter the world of vocation. This is why it is paramount to introduce the curriculum for vocational courses for entrepreneurship skills in the Education system of India.
Vocational subjects, aligned with the industry, help in connecting education with employment through industry-based knowledge and skills to make students employable. Notably, exposure to vocational training is the best way to introduce the students to various occupational skills and to build inspirational value to entrepreneurship. In today’s day and age, startups have surfaced as the growth engines of society. So why not introduce the students to the world of entrepreneurship right from their childhood? 

The children completing primary/elementary schooling need to be imparted both generic and precise skills that will help them live a quality life. Instituting vocational training for entrepreneurial skills to primary and lower secondary classes will help them cultivate necessary skills, create awareness, and to foster innovative ideas.
"Education is a pearl of asset; useful for repaying your liabilities". You may say this but the matter-of-fact truth is, to reach entrepreneurship goals for sustainable development by 2030, India’s Education System needs to accept the importance of vocational training for primary and lower secondary classes for entrepreneurship skills as start-ups, technology and innovation are some of the most effective instruments for India’s transformation. 

Although the first-generation entrepreneurs have become big investors of the start-up ecosystem, there still lurks a danger of failure because many young entrepreneurs have little or no experience in this sector. 

The government has created many schemes and initiatives to promote start-ups particularly in the manufacturing and IT sector. The world of work is changing at a fast pace and to keep up with the social and technological changes, the education system needs to evolve with time.

The ultimate goal of self-employment and job realization will be fast-track by vocational training as the availability of skilled manpower is a major part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

The knowledge of entrepreneurship needed to be instilled in the pupils to help them take a balanced approach in the sector. Being a part of the entrepreneurial system of the country is a big step that should be taken by the sharpest minds as they offer the chance for better future.

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