DJ Yash Yadav who makes audience go crazy with his rocking and mind blowing beats



Whether it is a local event, a nightclub, dance club or an official party, it is all incomplete without some crazy music and a DJ who takes the audience’s breath away. Today, we’ll be introducing you to someone who had made an extraordinary name in the world of DJing. Jaipur based Disc Jockey Yash Yadav who is originally from Delhi has made a unique name for himself.

He started his career in 2014 after completing his schooling he started learning DJing. Yash started learning DJing from a well-known DJ in Delhi, DJ Roxy and his elder brother DJ Ashtrix who according to him was also the reason for him to start his career as a DJ. He was interested in listening to various kinds of genres in music from a young age and during school days watching live concert of his favorite DJ David Guetta on YouTube was a frequent routine for him.

Moreover, he used to attend day parties in club just to watch and learn from other DJs about song mixing and audience engagement. Asking about his inspiration, he states, ‘First my Elder Brother, DJ Ashtrix. I have learned so many things from him when I attended his parties and stood next to him, I saw the people only and the respect people were giving to him so my brother helped me a lot and then my parents, they were in my support from the beginning. In the starting days of my DJing, I still remember that after 1 hour of my DJing class my father used to come and he always used to say that you play and I will dance and listen.

So, totally my family is my inspiration.’ Although, knowing that DJing is not a very respectable career option Yash never gave up his dreams and he was always supported by his family and friends and his family always encouraged him to do his best. But that didn’t mean that it was a smooth ride to success. After two years, Yash decided to quit DJing and due to recommendation from his friends he started a cafe which after sometime went into loss and had to shut down. It was because of his best friend’s advice that he started focusing on his original dream. After a down fall, success wasn’t far behind, Yash got a golden chance to play in Dubai after three dedicated years of DJing and he was there for one-and-half years. He considers this as one of his biggest achievements. He got his first award in 2021, as A Best DJ in Rajasthan but, he still considers applause and appreciation from the audience as the best award. He believes that satisfaction of the audience is more important then his own and prefers to play according to his audience which is something that makes his work unique.

Yash has also worked with many celebrities, singers, and well-known DJ. After dedicating 8 years of his life to DJing currently, he is enhancing his skills in music production. With that he also enjoys listening to music, driving, gyming, cycling, and watching movies and series in his free time. In the end, he gave a piece of advice to the youth, dreaming to make a career in DJing or thriving for success in any field. He said, ‘If you love music then choose DJing but, if you want to come for showing off then you don't have waste your time or money or anything because DJing is not an easy job it is difficult as other jobs. It looks like it is easy but trust me it is not when in front of you there are 200 or 300 people dancing there is so much pressure on a DJ.

He has to play for the crowd, what type of songs people want or what type of people are there all things matters so you have to think a lot for the songs so choose wisely.’ If you want to achieve anything you have to struggle for it. In my case, I struggled. I can't say that I struggled a lot but yes, I also struggled very much in the starting days. After completing the classes when I started playing there was no platform for me, no private party, nothing in the beginning I played in a party for free and for very long time but after sometime I started taking my charges. Like so many people have said that you don't have to give up.

Ups and downs it's like a part of life,’ he adds. Let us also tell you that, Yash has also informed that he is up on a new project but, details are still a secret. So, fans should prepare themselves for something mind blowing. It is worth noting that DJ Yash has been giving his services for a long time at the popular club Blackout which is located in C Scheme, Jaipur. Every party lover is eager to dance on the mix music audio beats played by them. This is the reason why DJ Yash keeps his own name and place in the DJing industry of the city.

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