Public person and social worker Vishwarajsinh Chudasama likes to work for the public


Born in a small village now rule over millions of heart of people with his public and social works

To help people first of all you must be a good entrepreneur & an entrepreneur’s life is not so easy it is often hit by a roadblock. Building an empire from scratch takes every bit of your heart, soul, blood & sweat.

This is the same story with Vishwarajsinh Chudasama at the very young age of 28 he started working as a young entrepreneur and businessman providing loans to varied entrepreneurs and businesses across the country. The corporate offers loan services starting from a private loan, car loan, property loan, and gold loan. Together with his successful business venture, this young entrepreneur is giving employment opportunities to many people. His expertise and business-oriented approach have earned him a huge reputation among his valuable customers.

Vishwarajsinh runs a food factory named Atulya foods. Atulya food produces the best-quality pulses with its talented and innovative team of skilled workers. At 28, Vishwarajsinh runs his business in a wonderful way, setting an example to every person his age. The factory is in Rajkot, a little town in Gujarat.

His story does not end here, there is a story why people call him a businessman with a Golden Heart. Vishwarajsinh has been donating books and educational kits to the children who live in slums and have no resources to study. His vision is evident, once in a month or two he contributes some fixed percentage of his income from Atulya food and donates things like books, clothes, and food to the poor and needy people.

Apart from Business, he is a very good social worker. He has decided that he will donate some percentage of his wealth to poor people. We often see on Instagram, that he frequently visits villages to help the poor by providing books & stationary. During the COVID period, he helped many people with free masks & sanitizers. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic affecting all sections, Vishwarajsinh continues to contribute his best for the Sarvrog Nidan camp & bears the expenditure cost of patients affected by various health-related diseases.

Vishwaraj sinh also runs a farm named Gurukrupa Farm which is another initiative where he donates and runs a gaushala for old, injured cows, and special care is taken for them. Not only at Gurukrupa farm but we see on Instagram that he frequently visits various farms for cow treatments. Apart from Gurukrupa Farm, his social works include, hosting cricket tournaments for youngsters to enthuse them in sports, Hosting group marriages for poor people, and many more cultural works

Vishwaraj sinh is also a Car Lover. He has a good collection of cars like Toyota Fortuner, MG hector, Mercedes Benz C class, S class, Mahindra Thar, and many more. He also travels enthusiastically, travel trips include Leh-Ladakh, Runn of Kutch, and many more places.

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