Bharat24 on its way to build New India


With its sole motto of ‘Vision of New India’, Bharat24 reflects the New-Brave-Dominant India. Under the astute leadership of industry veteran Dr Jagdeesh Chandra, Chief Executive Office and Editor-in-Chief, the National Hindi news channel aims to lead the National news scene and become 'Voice of India', focussing on credible first-to-report content strategy for the channel.
As a news organisation, Bharat24 strives to act as a bridge between the government and its people to provide them with transparent and right information. Dr Chandra opines that Bharat24 is not only about news and views, it is more than that and talks about aspirations of the youth, perspectives of country’s senior citizens, multi-polarity of emerging India while creating a feeling of oneness to bind the nation together.

Bharat24 boasts of a strong network of reporters and bureaus in all major states across India, setting up a highest benchmark for news reporting. The on-ground reporting is backed with perceptive analysis to demystify and present the news development in a simplified manner. With a team of trusted faces from the industry that includes popular Hindi news anchors Mimansa Malik, Sachin Arora, Poornima Mishra, Kavita Singh and Naina Yadav among others, the channel is committed to bring credible news from every nook and corner of the corner without jeopardising the same.

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