Know How! Adarsh Swaroop, A Multifarious Personality, Managed To Achieve Success As An Unbiased Movie Critic In Bollywood


Adarsh Swaroop is an Indian Journalist, a competent Model, an insightful movie critic and a multifarious Artist who, with his riveting comprehension of this glamorous Bollywood industry, is earning massive headlines. Born on 31st of December 1992, Adarsh Swaroop is the eldest son of Businessman Kunwar Swaroop and his mother Amita Swaroop. Born in a prospered family, it could have been effortless for him to continue his family business, but instead of enjoying the privilege he got being born in a business family, he chose to enter the media and journalism sectors for the sake of his grid and passion for movies and hence choose to make a career where he could start from nothing.

Being a movie enthusiast from the childhood, Adarsh was an unbiased and satirical movie critic. Adarsh Swaroop went ahead in this field and become the film critic, film trade analyst, editor, and journalist that he is today. Besides being a talented professional in all the fields mentioned above, this multifarious personality is also a content writer, model, script & screenwriter, Law Advisor, & Income Tax.

As mentioned above Adarsh exhibits multifarious personality and hence possesses keen interest in Fitness Activities. He is also an amazing Dancer and Athelete, mastering many sports like Swiming, Horse Riding, Martial Arts and Gymnastics. Being an energetic Athelete, Adarsh is also a great player of games of stamina like Basketball and Football.

He until now has featured in many renowned and famous modeling pageant like lakme fashion week, Wills fashion and Van Heusen. He has also done a dance tour pan India with Studio I8. Until now, he has also worked as a film critic in a prestigious digital news platform in India, Hindustan Times. Working in Taj News at Agra, he was felicitated for his outstanding performance, by the title of “Best Performer” and “Best Sound Editor”.

He has also contributed for the promotion of the charity event show" THE EMERGING SHOW” organized in 2015 in Delhi and also got the award for the best entertainer in a live show. As he also worked passionately with Van Heusen, they awarded Adarsh with the title of Best Presenter, for his compassionate and competent work. The has also tried his fate in acting and has appeared in TV serial lone 26/12 airing on life OK.

Efficaciously leveraging the social media, Adarsh Swaroop posts his unbiased film reviews, trade analysis, box office predictions, and more on the related subtopic to excel the interaction with his audiences and share his views on a movie on Instgram (@adarsh_swaroop_)  Twitter - (@adarsh__swaroop) Facebook - (Adarsh Swaroop) Being a film enthusiast he emphasizes equally on all film industries pan India and hence also reviews films and shows from Tollywood, Sandalwood, and Kollywood.

Presently, Adarsh is coming up with something big. He is planning to launch his book. In future, he is going to come up with more scripts, and even he is planning directing a film.

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