India’s Iron Men Award 2023” was conferred to Dr.Dinesh Sabnis for Education Diplomacy & International Relations by MTTV News Media


                                                                      Dr.Dinesh Sabnis

 Dr.Dinesh Sabnis is Ex.Ranji Player, Senior Educationist & Sports mentor working in Education & Sports Industry for past two decades. He has been also very actively involved in UN SDG projects related to Education, Humanitarian Support, Peace Mediations & Diplomacy through various International Organizations that are on General & Special consultative Status in roster of the United Nations. Last one year Dr.Sabnis has also been on an appointment of Addl. Representative in United Nations Geneva Office through IGO WFDP to work on various diplomatic missions.

Dr.Sabnis in past seven years has tremendously contributed towards Education Diplomacy & International Relations and for his these generous contributions towards Educational developments at the International level; on May 15th 2023, he was conferred with “India’s Iron Men Award-2023” by MTTV News Media Pvt. Ltd.

MTTV India is a digital media company that began its journey in 2017 in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Since February 2021, it has changed over to MTTV News Media Private Limited. MTTV India's services are accessible to a wide audience, making it a valuable resource for those seeking reliable news and information.

In today’s world education diplomacy has become effective tool for favorable and reciprocal ties between nations, as education is and has been one of the most important aspects to bring development and peace in any country. Education Diplomacy aim to utilize diplomatic skills and right cooperation’s between public sector, private sector, educators & education institutions with an agenda of promoting education all over the globe as a basic human right and accessibility to all. United Nations has also given top priority to the education diplomacy through its SDG Goal-4(Quality Education) so that the sustainable and achievable planning can be implemented in quality of education of global world. 

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