Introducing Navdeep Mehta: The Visionary Founder of Smiloshine®, Revolutionising Oral Care


New Delhi (India), July 4: In a world where first impressions matter, a confident smile can make all the difference. Recognizing the need for quality teeth whitening in India, Navdeep Mehta, the Managing Director of SmiloShine®, embarked on a remarkable journey to transform oral hygiene and teeth whitening practices. Smiloshine® founder,  a highly accomplished individual with a Master’s degree from IIT, Chicago, United States, has established himself as an expert in the field. His specialities lie in R&D, Product Development and Scale, Process Validation, and Cleaning Validation for GMP Cosmetics and Rx drug products, and he currently holds the position of Managing Director at Novateor Research Laboratories Limited.

Before founding Smiloshine®, he gained valuable experience as a research technician at NALCO and a process engineer at an R&D firm in the USA. Drawing from his extensive background and expertise, he embarked on a mission to transform the dental care landscape in India hence the innovation of the brand SMILOSHINE®. By leveraging his expertise, research acumen, and strong vision, he has single-handedly led the brand to success. Notably, Navdeep Mehta’s wife plays a crucial role in handling the design and operational aspects of the business, contributing to the brand’s growth and expansion.

When asked about the inspiration behind entering the teeth care industry, Mehta revealed his deep concern for the prevalent problem of stained teeth in India. Factors such as alcohol, tobacco, and dietary habits were causing widespread dissatisfaction and underconfidence among individuals. Witnessing this issue firsthand, they were motivated to create a brand that offered effective teeth whitening solutions and comprehensive dental care. Employing his knowledge of drug technologies and healthy oral care techniques acquired during his master’s program in the United States, Mehta introduced innovative approaches to address existing dental problems. His research and development efforts for three to four years led to the development of cutting-edge techniques and new methodologies for teeth care.

SmiloShine’s focus is to find simple and effective solutions to dental issues. By leveraging his expertise in R&D, he ensured that the brand explored and implemented careful and efficient patterns in its products.   The journey of establishing Smiloshine® was not without its challenges. Mehta faced a lack of awareness regarding teeth whitening in India, as the concept was relatively new. Moreover, obtaining the necessary licenses and certifications proved to be a significant hurdle due to the absence of a teeth whitening category in the country. Mehta and his team tirelessly worked to provide robust data and demonstrate the efficacy of their products, overcoming these obstacles to introduce Smiloshine® as the first teeth whitening brand in India.

What sets Smiloshine® apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to safety and quality. They have dedicated ample time to research and development, ensuring that all products meet stringent hygiene standards. Raw materials used in Smiloshine’s offerings are approved by the Food and Drugs Control Administration, guaranteeing that customers receive the purest and safest dental care solutions. To further ensure the suitability and efficacy of their products, Smiloshine® conducted comprehensive testing on subjects from various age groups, including college students and dental professionals. Through methods such as pairwise testing and observation of results throughout one to two weeks, Smiloshine® fine-tuned its formulas, even considering the impact of vitamin intake on oral health.

With Smiloshine’s launch, the dental care market in India witnessed the introduction of teeth whitening, a previously unexplored category. While other established brands have followed suit, Mehta’s forward-thinking approach positioned Smiloshine® as the true trailblazer. Through participation in numerous B2B exhibitions and spreading awareness, Smiloshine® has consistently remained at the forefront of the industry. At Smiloshine®, they believe that a radiant smile has the power to inspire confidence, unlock opportunities, and leave a lasting impression. Our mission is to provide individuals with top-notch teeth care products that ensure optimal oral health, empowering them to embrace their best selves. With a firm commitment to quality and effectiveness, Smiloshine® has positioned itself as a trusted brand that stands out in the competitive cosmetic dental world. The immense potential of the oral health industry is witnessing an annual growth rate of 19 percent. In today’s age of social media and heightened self-awareness, individuals from all walks of life are increasingly conscious of their appearance and the impact it has on their personal and professional lives. Scientific studies have confirmed that individuals with white teeth and confident smile experience accelerated growth in their careers and social interactions. Smiloshine®  understands this intrinsic connection and aims to empower individuals by providing them with cutting-edge solutions for teeth brightening. 

Driven by a vision to touch the lives of millions, Smiloshine® aims to become a household name, reaching at least 10 million households in the coming years. With a team of industry experts and thought leaders, the brand is prepared to revolutionize the oral health market and set new industry standards. We are thrilled to share that Smiloshine® is gearing up to launch an exciting range of products that will make teeth whitening more convenient and accessible than ever before. Our innovative approach will allow people to achieve a brighter smile on the go, ultimately making every Indian smile with unwavering confidence. As SMILOSHINE continues to expand its reach and impact, one smile at a time.

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