Experience the Magic of Fermentation at Goosebumps Food and Ghazal Show


Mumbai, June 2024. Goosebumps, a food brand, known for its exotic fruit & traditional pickles,  along with other food products, is proud to announce its newest venture – Goosebumps Moments Festival.

As per the co-founder Pinank Shah, “Goosebumps has always cherished and celebrated the art of making Food. Food that is made by real hands, Ingredients that are hand-picked by many mothers, Spices that are hand pounded and a lot more; making these foods marinated with love & emotions!
And when these foods are cherished by you as our valuable customers, they become our share of Goosebumps Moments!

Recognising this as a Celebration, we are organising Goosebumps Moments Festival where we aim to honour the art of Food making alongside other celebrated Art forms.

Our first favourite art being Music, we are thrilled to present our inaugural event: FERMENTATION – The Goosebumps Food & Ghazal Show on Sunday 23rd June 2024 at 7:00 PM *at the prestigious *Rang Sharada Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai.

Why Fermentation in Pickles & Ghazals? 

Just like Mangoes or Lemons, when marinated with spices and oil, a little sun, and loads of love, transform into delectable Pickles, our thoughts and ideas when mixed with emotions and rhythm, ferment into verses, Ghazals and Nazms!

So what should you expect from this event? 
The evening certainly promises a multi-sensory journey. Along with Soulful Ghazals 
by renowned group of artists (Sangeet Lahiri on vocals, Vishal Dhumal on keyboards, Ustad Farooque Latif Khan on sarangi, Ashish Ragwani on tabla, and Deepak Marathe on harmonium), guests will embark on a culinary adventure, featuring a pickle tasting and cupping session, followed by mouthwatering snacks and a unique fermented dessert, all crafted by Goosebumps Culinary Art. 

So, whether you are a foodie, or a music lover or a Ghazal lover, this show is sure to present to you a unique experience where the Culinary Fermentation and Musical Fermentation come together in perfect harmony.

Radio City 91.1 is the official radio partner for this event.

To book an event - https://in.bookmyshow.com/events/celebrating-fermentation-goosebumps-food-ghazal/ET00399523 

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