Producer Sumein Bhat's production house Fimi Productions is very adept at introducing new faces who are talented. The banner does not only introduce fresh actors and models but also gives big breaks to those who take up direction as well. Riyaz Meer who belongs to Himachal Pradesh has been working as a casting director in the film industry for quite some time. 

Though he has not studied any course in direction, he has learnt the nuances of direction by working with various directors till date. His debut venture as a director is FIMI PRODUCTIONS music album “Tu Dhoop Main Dhuaan”which is sung by singer Gopika Goswami and lyrics & music by Rivo. Several music videos with Riyaz Meer as the director like “Yunn Bekarari” sung by singer Aman Srivastava and Priya Pandey and “Dil Roye Roye jaaye”  are all set to be released under the banner of FIMI PRODUCTIONS in coming weeks.

Riyaz believes that direction comes with a lot of responsibilities and as a director he has to remember so many things like the story, casting, locations, music to shot divisions all of which are very challenging to the core. Among the directors in Bollywood, Riyaz has been inspired very much by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Riyaz likes the style of Rohit Shetty and is very keen on directing an out and out action film.
Right now he is working on the scripting of a web film which will be made under the banner of Sumein Bhat's Fimi Productions, the details of which he will divulge shortly, Riyaz says that he enjoyed working on the music video a lot and added that it was not only enjoyable but also very challenging as he had to execute the project in a short period.

Riyaz says that not only the producer as well as the production house but also the viewers accord a lot of importance to the director and rightly so as the entire project vests on his shoulders. Says Riyaz , "I feel the one is the perfect director who is able to convey his message to the viewer as it is quite difficult to translate a story on celluloid effectively.
Also I have realized that though artists tend to interfere with the director on the sets, if they realize that there is a creative director, then they do not dare to interfere with the director. I feel that if the artists at times tend to come up with good suggestions, it is worth incorporating in the script if you feel that it is good."

Riyaz feels that if a story and the concept is presented in a music video these days, it is a good trend. "I feel that I should make an attempt to come up with a good story in every video of mine, like I have done in my music videos 'Tu Dhoop Main Dhuaan ' and “Yunn Bekarari”.

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