On March 13, let us make a difference in the lives of women



On International Women's Day, the 'Dream Achievers Club' is proud to serve the community in honouring the accomplishments and efforts of women and girls from all sectors of life in Jaipur while also acknowledging the challenges they face. The 'Dream Achievers Club' is dedicated to advancing gender equity and equality and empowering women and girls in all aspects. The 'Dream Achievers Club' at Agarwal College Auditorium (Ghat Gate) hosts a vibrant programme on March 13 from 1 PM to 4 PM to celebrate and honour women in their fields.

This celebration recognises and celebrates women who have devoted their lives to the advancement of humankind's rights, women's rights, unity, justice, the social order, and personal responsibility – mostly at significant personal risk or sacrifice – in honour of International Women's Day and our time-honoured dedication to advancing the societal position of women and girls.

The 'Dream Achievers Club' remains committed to promoting women's political leadership and decision-making in all areas, such as protecting the environment and security problems, working to develop technology, and promoting democracy, along with detection and response to gender-based violence in all forms, increasing their access to quality healthcare, education, justice, human rights, and legal equality, and humanitarian relief. 

The 'Dream Achievers Club' thanks to our Women of Courage, as well as every brave woman and girl around the globe, for their strength, leadership, and attempts to make the world a much more just, peaceful, and accessible place for us all.

Women have the patience to listen to support and care for others. Rather than just making Women's Day special, try to make every day, every minute, and every second special for women by making society a better place for them.

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