Sangram Singh Breaks His Silence And Comes In Support Of Honest Payal Rohtagi


Actress Payal Rohatgi always speaks her mind.  Her truthfulness or view is always bang on and inures appreciation or ire, depending on the mindset of the listener.  Ever since Payal's entry in Kangana's show Lock-Upp, she is once again in the news.  
While netizens love Payal and her straightforwardness and the honesty to call a spade a spade, the contestants seen to have ganged up to trouble the actress.  Payal's partner Sangram Singh has entered the Lock-Upp arena in his support.

Sangram Singh says that “Payal is an intelligent woman. She knows a lot about politics, history and has an amazing general knowledge as far as I know her.  But when you are suddenly posed a question, at times your mind goes blank. It happens to all of us.  Payal does not believe in sweet talk or chaaploosi.  
She has a mind of her own. The rest of the contestants seem to unite in fear of elimination.  The idea is to put pressure on Payal to speak quickly so that the team loses. But she knew the answer and replied with the next question.  Payal is very intelligent and knowledgeable and to judge her by a question is wrong and uncalled for!"

 The netizens know Payal is honest and truthful and plays the game in its true spirit.  They support her. Never mind a few detractors who think trolling celebs makes them famous!"
Sangram believes that Payal and he are famous only because of the love of people. 
"I am very inspired by Payal, the way she lives her life in a positive way. She is an early riser and goes to bed by 10. She  does yoga, meditation. In this game, I find Payal as a strong contender and a potential winner."

Talking about the show, every day a new aspect is opening in the Lock-Upp.  Ekta Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut's show is exposing contestants' bickering and their lives.  It will be interesting to see what test the contestants will have to go through next...


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