Variety of folk drama in the finale of 'All Play...A Carnival of Joy'


Mumbai, 7th March 2022 : The grand finale of 'All Play ... A Carnival of Joy' with an aim to present an ancient art of drama and theatrical art for tribal and rural children concluded in Manori. 

On this occasion the chief guest Sunil Rane, MLA Borivali, Mrs. Varsha Rane, trustee , Atharva Foundation,  actor Pradeep Kabre , comedian  Arun Kadam and Johnny Rawat ,  Shivanand Shetty were present. Led by Mrs. Varsha Rane, Trustee, Atharva Foundation, the event is an attempt to bring joy and empowerment to the lives of the local citizens in and around Manori.                                                                                                                                

For the last two years, this program started by the Atharva Foundation on 3rd September 2021 with this little girl named 'Ratna' resident of Manori. Educational materials were distributed to rural and tribal children in Gorai and Manori on the occasion of the birthday of Mr. Sunil Rane and on this day an idea was born for drama and theater workshops for children,

Mrs. Varsha Rane noticed that some of these children do not go to school and simply distributing notebooks and clothes and other gifts was not enough. This little girl Ratna sat on his lap and this magical journey began. In the first season of All Play, we trained 150 children from five different regions of Gorai and Manori in the fundamentals of theater.

'All Play... A Carnival Joy' in Manori, Malad West is an initiative of Atharva Foundation and All Play Productions to enrich the lives of rural and tribal children through drama and theater training. Last year, on the day of the Grand Finale, about 150 children were trained and given stage performances and this year around 100 children are taking training.

Speaking on the occasion Varsha Rane, Trustee, Atharva Foundation said that it proved to be an important platform for the local people of Manori adjoining Mumbai to showcase their talent with great enthusiasm in this carnival of nearby children. He was successful in proving that no one had forgotten him.

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