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In the earlier times, people use to read newspapers, different magazines and many other things to make their selves up to date about the daily happenings of the city. Newspapers are the best version for people to know all about the incidents and events happening around them. But now in this world full of chores, people don’t have time to seat and read newspapers or to carry them wherever they go! This thing consumes their enough time.

From last many years the world is shifting to digital media more than print media. Not only for entertainment but for all the kind of things which they prefer to get knowledge about ! Digital media is working so well as of now it serves the best knowledge within short period of time. Digital media looks like a totally new world for the people investing their time in reading newspapers and other printed letters. Digital media is a short way to reach at any place just by reading those things and getting all the knowledge about that in some clicks.

In this era of digital market, Rajasthan is also crossing bars by providing best news portals. Among this, ‘Rajasthan Chronicle’ has took place in this digital world. Rajasthan Chronicle is a digital news portal published by an entrepreneur locally based from Rajasthan named Balu Rajpurohit! He is working in the field of this digital media from so long, he also worked as a digital marketer. Being a multitasker, he proved that nothing is impossible if your ideas and goals are meant to complete with all those smart work.

Rajasthan Chronicle’s twitter page (https://twitter.com/rajasthanchron/) is providing all the daily updates about all the happenings of not only Rajasthan but also all about the India! It is website which brings you all the updates about things which are going on in current times. Rajasthan Chronicle website (https://rajasthanchronicle.com/) is working so well among people and readers are totally impressed by the work of this portal.

Rajasthan Chronicle’s website is built with an expertise. It is in Hindi language which shows how traditional this website is. This website is user friendly as it is made with different categories which made easy for people to go through different articles in short time. It also had a search option so that users don’t have to go through all the news just a small search enough to check on the thing they are looking for. This website is launched in 2021 by Balu Rajpurohit.

Rajasthan chronicles has a nice eye insight in this world full of news ! Their work is showcasing different things in their own unique way

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