Saurashtra Web series Actor Gaurhav Nagar is living his dream through Travel Vlogging


New Delhi (India), February 21: Travel makes me happy. I want to travel to

different destinations, experience the vibes and cultural diversities and explore the

richness around the countries, says famous actor Gaurhav Nagar. 

Gaurhav Nagar, a 36-year-old actor, made his acting debut in Saurashtra, one

of the most popular web series. The web series was released on an OTT platform

and became the biggest hit of the year. The Saurashtra series is a thrilling,

suspenseful drama. Babu Ji was portrayed by actor Gaurhav Nagar, who received

praise from all over the world. According to the sources, the director is planning to

make the sequel of the series very soon. 

Talking about Gaurhav Nagar belongs to the city of Faridabad, and since

childhood, he has been fascinated by travelling. He is a Textile Engineer by

profession, but because of his love for travel, he chooses to embark on a worldwide

tour. To make his dream come true, Gaurhav worked hard and focussed on his

dream to come into reality.

I have always loved to travel, ever since I was a child. I want to travel the world,

meet new people, see cultural variety, taste various cuisines, and discover new

destinations, says proud actor Gaurhav Nagar. 

Touring the globe has always fascinated me, Gaurhav adds while describing his

YouTube journey. I put a lot of effort into achieving my goals, and in 2013, I

acquired my passport. My first overseas trip was a success, and I was eager to take

further trips. For me, there was no turning back at that time. One of my friends

suggested starting a travel Vlog and uploading my travel videos there so that those

who cannot afford to go long distances could view them. The voyage of YouTube

thus began.

Continuing furthermore, I think people who cannot afford to travel overseas might

watch my vlogs and fulfil their ambitions.

I found YouTube as a means to share my experiences and a way to express my

views and help you to make tourism from your home. As I started vlogging in

2020, it is the beginning of my YouTube journey. 

As an aspiring Vlogger, I believe that one should never run behind the likes and

views on YouTube. You should focus on your work and post as many as videos you

can. The audience shall like your work and will increase your reach for sure, says

Gaurhav Nagar while advising young and aspiring Vloggers. 

I want to do Vlogging until my last breath. I always believe that the travel journey

becomes your memories, and I like to share them with the world through my

channel ‘Gaurhav Nagar’

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