Powering Change: Women as Agents of Transformation in Business

 New Delhi (India), February 21: Zest Partners is all set to host its seventh

episode “Powering Change: Women as Agents of Transformation in Business” of

its series ‘Zest Talks on March - 03 - 2023 from 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM. The webinar

is aimed to talk about how a woman's leadership is not just about anticipating

trends in technology. It's about leaving untapped potential behind because we

used to believe that women couldn't make wise decisions.

A broader talent pool is also advantageous during times of shortages of skills

because organisations have more access to talent. While structural barriers and

stereotypes remain, women will only get far to a certain extent no matter how far

they 'lean in'. Organisations need to find ways to make it easier for women to

break the glass ceiling and remain at the top level long-term.

This time, Zest Partner is expecting more attendees than their previous webinar,

which drew over 10000+ participants.

The seventh episode will consist of a panel of 3 speakers in total: 

Monica Jasuja, Head of Money Management at GoTo Financial

Arundhati Mukherjee, Founder & Director at Aaroh Consulting

Anu Peisker, Associate Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion at Deloitte 

After launching its first webinar on June 24, 2022, Zest Partners' Webinar Series'

Zest Talks' has proved very successful, moving from 100+ registrations to 10000+


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About Zest Partners

Zest Partners is an exclusive leadership hiring firm that aims to serve

organizations for their senior, leadership, and executive-level needs through a

network of talented individuals with highly specialized expertise. Zest's team has

scaled many corporations within the Indian market throughout the year. As an

executive search firm, Zest hires the right talented leaders that will fit within the

organization and help push it into more successful avenues.

About Zest Talks

Zest Talks is a webinar series that was launched by Zest Partners to connect

candidates and leaders from various fields to gain a better understanding of the

market as well as to get a better insight into how other leaders think different to

make a difference.

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