Mamta Kumar : Pioneering Future-Ready Career Counseling through AI Integration


In the ever-evolving landscape of career counseling, Mamta Kumar emerges as a pioneering force, blending profound academic expertise with cutting-edge technological insights. With an impressive educational background and innovative approach, Mamta is at the forefront of her field, guiding individuals through complex career pathways with a keen eye on the future.

Mamta's educational journey is both diverse and profound, culminating in a Doctorate of Business Administration from SSBM Geneva, specializing in the integration of Artificial Intelligence with career counseling. Her groundbreaking thesis, 'Study in Future Ready Career Guidance with AI as a Game Changer,' is set to revolutionize the field.

Certified as a career counselor from UCLA and an ICCC certified career coach from Mindler, Mamta's qualifications underscore her commitment to staying at the cutting edge of career guidance. By strategically leveraging AI tools, she enhances the counseling process, providing predictive insights and tailored advice that prepare clients for future roles.

Beyond traditional counseling boundaries, Mamta's forward-thinking methodology empowers clients to not only adapt to changing career dynamics but to actively shape them. Her expertise extends to speaking engagements and workshops where she demystifies the role of technology in career planning, offering actionable strategies for professionals to leverage AI to their advantage.

Mamta Kumar's visionary approach and relentless pursuit of excellence enrich the conversation about the future of employment in an AI-driven world. As the professional landscape evolves, her role in shaping future-ready career guidance remains indispensable.

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